Attracting the right tenant takes more than a coat of paint

59 Goodwood Road is an office with showroom and warehouse facilities that has been under McGees Property and Facilities Management for 6 years. After the previous tenant vacated at the end of their lease, the McGees Leasing team took the property to market but after 6 months had gained little interest, even with a lower rental rate.

As the building had not been upgraded for 30 years, the client took the opportunity to reinvest in their property and reposition it in the marketplace. McGees worked with the client to develop a more extensive upgrade scope involving the interior and exterior building. The client accepted the final recommendations and the Facilities Management team carried out the works.

With a significantly upgraded building to offer to market, solid tenant enquiry was received with rental offerings well above the previously advertised rate. Within a week of works being completed it was leased on a 5 year term to a highly respected and long standing international sports goods company.

Before and after upgrade works
Facade - Before.jpg   Facade - after.jpg
interior - before.jpg   Interior - after.jpg 
warehouse - before.jpg   Warehouse - after.jpg 


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