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The list of compliance issues for both building owners and tenants grows every year and is becoming more complex.  It’s important you remain up-to-date with current statutory requirements and obligations and you are aware of the latest developments in energy-saving and other technologies to ensure you continue to provide an appropriate level of amenity to tenants, staff and visitors in this very competitive market.

At McGees Property our Technical and Compliance team are continually updating their knowledge base to ensure we remain at the forefront of these issues and can offer you the best advice on all of these matters and emerging regulations.

We can arrange and co-ordinate a comprehensive report on all building services and operations and provide recommendations accordingly.  We can also review the power consumption of your building and make recommendations on ways and means of reducing your carbon footprint, lowering energy bills and generally make your building more energy efficient.  Once accepted by you, we can then manage and implement all of these recommendations.

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